Rodrigo’s Favourite Place to visit in Portugal!

My favourite place to visit in Portugal is Figueira da Foz, better known as “Queen of the Beaches”, for its extensive sand area.

It is in the center of Portugal and is the second largest city of the district of Coimbra. Figueira da Foz has good restaurants with good food, lots of fresh fish and seafood.

The multiple green spaces invite you to enjoy pleasant walking, cycling or car trips. I would like to highlight the Serra da Boa Viagem and all its archaeological wealth, the Abadias Parque, the riverside area and the Bom Sucesso Lagoons. The best months to visit are July and August.

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  1. Oscar Aynsley · November 14, 2016 at 11:22 pm ·

    What excellent description of your city! I could see the vast amounts of green paddocks that you invited me to walk, cycling, play and drive through. I didn’t know that Serra da Boa Viagem was archaeologically wealthy. I think that you should have described the city and the restaurants a bit more.

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